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Agile Transformation

Deliver more value

At Rebel Scrum, we understand that every organization’s Agile journey is unique. That's why we work with you to assess your current state and create a custom roadmap to help you get where you want to be. Whether your path involves transitioning from a waterfall process or starting from scratch, our experienced coaches will guide your way. We'll help you break down silos, reduce handoff points, and improve collaboration so that your teams focus on the right work and deliver value faster.

Getting started with understanding why

Getting started with an Agile transformation begins by understanding the problems you're trying to solve.  By understanding the "why," your team will be able to determine the Agile approach that fits best for your organization.  Your team will be able to align with the organization's goals and define what success looks like.  Getting clear on the "why" will help you create a clear vision and purpose for the transformation and get everyone involved on the same page.  It provides the foundation for measuring progress and tracking success.

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Identify the Change Team

As with any significant change initiative, putting a dedicated team in place to lead and drive your transformation is critical to success.

Build a roadmap

Getting to your organization's Agile destination requires a roadmap. This clear action plan will include milestones and timelines for the transformation process.

Define Products

Defining the products you will develop and improve through Agile methodologies will help you determine the best approach to delivering more value. We will help you identify the key product features and functionalities, understand customer needs and expectations, and prioritize your product backlog based on value and feasibility.


Tailored interactive workshops help prepare your team to self-organize, improve morale, and accelerate value delivery. Our team of experienced Agile coaches and trainers will collaborate with you to design the workshops that fit your organization's unique needs.
Our trainers aim to empower your team to take ownership of their work, collaborate effectively, and continuously improve their processes to deliver value faster and more efficiently.


Training that meets your organization's unique Agile transformation challenges is part of the foundation for success. Our training team will collaborate closely with you to understand your organization's goals, culture, and existing processes. We'll help you to identify the knowledge gaps that could frustrate your Agile adoption.

Rebel Scrum's training programs are interactive and hands-on, making critical learning accessible and highly engaging.

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Start Sprinting

Once your team has the Agile tools and training it needs, it's time to start sprinting. Learning by doing with the support of Rebel Scrum coaches will support your team through the Sprint process. By empowering your team to learn for themselves, they will develop a deeper understanding of Agile methodologies and ultimately be more self-sufficient.

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