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Product Agility

Increase business agility by defining Products

Organizations that have transitioned to an Agile approach may be limiting their own agility if they attempt to transition within their current team structures.  Traditional organizational structures often have teams operating in silos, which create bottlenecks and uneven delivery flow.

Rebel Scrum can help you take a step back to define your products and organize teams around those products.  Agility is not about changing reporting relationships; it is about changing how teams work together to create cross-functional teams focused on delivering value.  By breaking down silos and encouraging collaboration across teams, organizations can achieve faster and more efficient customer value delivery.

Business Meeting
Business Team

Before establishing a Scrum Team (or teams) to deliver value, you must understand your product. Once you’ve determined that Scrum - and agility - is a good fit for your business problem, the next step is defining your product. Many teams transition without defining the product boundaries that the Scrum Team will create, resulting in a team not being optimized to deliver value.


Defining your product starts with describing your customer. Who are they, and what do they want/need?  What value are you delivering to them, and how is your organization rewarded?  Once you answer these questions, you are on your way to better understanding the definition of your organization’s product.

How big should you draw the product box?  Should it include the server team, given that your product runs on servers?  Should it include the networking team?  How far do we take this?  

The answer is it depends!  Generally,  if the team's day-to-day work encounters frequent dependencies or requires problem-solving, those skills should be represented on the product team in order to increase business agility and deliver value sooner. Once you’ve identified the initial product team members, the Scrum Team should determine what additional skills it needs.


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