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You want to adopt agile in your organization or team but don't know where to start

You have existing Agile teams, but delivery is just not as easy or going as well as you expected.

You don’t have transparency into how Agile is going in your organization.

Is this you right now?

Imagine if...

  • You had someone on your side helping you figure out how best to approach a new transformation.

  • You had an experienced coach who could assess your current state and recommend practical, actionable steps to help improve value delivery.

  • You had a consultant who can work with leaders in your organization to increase transparency into what is really going on so you can focus on addressing the root causes of challenges, maximizing impact, and influencing positive change.

Book a consultation with Rebel Scrum

We can help you focus on value and remove impediments to value delivery by shifting to a benefit mindset and empowering your Agile teams and leaders. 


When you hire big-box consultants, they bring their people in and run the transformation, but when they go away, the transformation falls apart. I want to make YOUR people successful and a vital part of the journey so that your people shine when the consultants leave. 


The best Agile experts aren’t at the big-box consulting firms anyway. They’re experts like me who care about making Agile transformation succeed and have dedicated their careers to making it happen. 


From aligning around the right products to finding the right training for your organization to creating a roadmap for your transformation, we have everything you need to make your Agile implementation successful.

Can we handle a large implementation? Absolutely. Are you ready?

Flexibility and Adaptability

We can pivot based on your needs and offer a tailored approach.

Personalized Attention

We aren’t selling the Spotify model; we aren’t selling SAFe; we’re working with you to determine what works for you.


We offer competitive pricing so that you can get a higher return on your investment.

Depth of Expertise

We have a depth of expertise in Agile that you won’t find in larger firms. I have experience planning and executing large transformations for leading organizations.

Agile Mindset

We embody an Agile mindset, which means we can help you focus on getting the benefits of an agile transformation, including transparency, collaboration, and continuous improvement.

We offer

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