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Private Group Classes

Mary Iqbal

Training builds confidence and empowers teams. From globally recognized certification courses to custom classes, we create the right training for your organization.


Need to train a large group or organization?

We can work with you to schedule training for hundreds of participants.

Need training fast?

Contact me now. With our network of expert trainers, we will work to schedule training to fit your needs and schedule.

I love to train. People empowered with knowledge change the world. I offer two types of group training: courses and Custom Training. Training

I offer courseware because it is the best pre-packaged training in the industry. Scrum classes use practical exercises to reinforce learning so participants gain insights about Agile working methods. Read this article to learn more about Agile. Read this article to learn more about Scrum.


No one wants to listen to a dull trainer just reading from a slide. I bring a wealth of real-world experience and a fun approach to every training engagement. Scrum isn’t supposed to be complicated. Scrum is a framework that helps us collaborate with just enough – but not too much – structure. My trainings make Scrum work for you in the most practical and engaging way possible.


“The real-life use cases really helped drive home the importance of certain principles. Would highly recommend and will look forward to attending more classes of hers.”
- Tony.


Only your team, empowered and rowing in the same direction, can help your organization succeed. Get your team certified with the fantastic Scrum coursework from a seasoned professional trainer and transformation leader.

Custom Group Training

You’ve got a problem, and you want training around your specific, unique issue.  I have a menu of short, targeted training options which may suit your unique needs, or, custom training can be created for your unique situtaion.


An Agile transformation is a change initiative. High-quality training can remove resistance and create empowered teams who collaborate rather than work against each other to deliver value. Our custom training can help you zero in on specific topics important to your organization.


Contact me to create your custom group training.

Is your team falling behind? The case for group training

Since 2020, the adoption of Scrum has increased rapidly. The following graph compares Scrum adoption in 2020 with 2021. In every area, agile adoption doubled.

Agile Adoption

This table shows figures from Digital AI’s 15th and 17th annual State of Agile Reports.

Here’s how training can help. Training can give teams a shared language and understanding of how best to collaborate to deliver value to the organization. The shared understanding and alignment created by a shared training experience create a positive team dynamic where each member feels empowered and accountable for their contributions. When team members understand how to work together, they accelerate value delivery. Training is an investment that can create a culture that focuses on value delivery and customer outcomes.

Understandably, team members and leaders who have never received training may either resist a transformation or not contribute as well as possible toward the success of an Agile transformation. Scrum training can remove resistance by helping team members understand what is expected of them and how to work together to deliver value.


At Rebel Scrum, we have experience in helping team members understand the Scrum framework and how they can contribute to the organization's success by focusing on value and removing impediments to value delivery. Contact me to see how Rebel Scrum can help you focus on customer value delivery.

All training is available in person or remotely

You can choose from in-person or remote training when and how you need it. We offer half-day options or full-day immersion experiences.

Misconceptions about Scrum can hold back value delivery. For example, many people using Scrum believe that the Product Owner should be just an order taker instead of someone empowered to work with stakeholders to determine how best to add value to the Product. Others believe that the team must silo Scrum teams to be efficient or that it’s not essential for the team to improve continuously. All of these myths can hold back value delivery and limit the effectiveness of the Scrum team. Well-meaning misconceptions can even destroy the adoption of true agility in the organization and stall an Agile transformation.

Scrum Team
Scrum Stairway

It is no wonder that with this rapid adoption of agile, several myths about Scrum — the most popular agile framework — abound. Many people using Scrum today lack formal training or are new to agile frameworks. It’s the perfect environment for myths and misconceptions to spread.

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