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We love to train!

We love to train - and it shows!  Our classes are fun, engaging and above all - informative.  Our extensive and varied experience helps us bring something a little extra to every class.  Our classes offer insights and clarity which helps students not only understand the framework but understand the "why" behind the framework.  Wherever you are on your path to agility, our certified courses will provide you with a firm foundation to guide your way.  Signup for one of our public classes below or contact us for private training options.



Applying Professional Scrum (APS) is for those new to Scrum or who need to learn more about Scrum roles, artifacts and events. Think of it as Scrum 101 and beyond. This class is not about reading from a book or memorizing terms. You’ll participate in the learning by using Scrum in a controlled environment. True learning comes from experience.

Who’s it for: Developers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, managers and leaders.  It's an ideal class for your team to take together.



Professional Scrum Master (PSM) is for Scrum Masters who want to get an understanding of the principles behind the Scrum framework.  PSM covers the principles and empirical process theory underpinning the mechanics, rules, and roles of the Scrum framework. This class goes beyond the basics. As a Scrum Master, you’ll understand the ‘why’ behind the Scrum framework. It’s a powerful class that asks hard questions and arrives at answers through hands-on learning that’s practical and immediately applicable. 

Who it’s for: Scrum Masters seeking to improve team effectiveness and productivity.



Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II) is an advanced course for Scrum Masters that will help you understand the eight stances that characterize an effective Scrum Master — from servant leader to change agent. You’ll take a deep dive into how Scrum Masters serve the Development Team, Product Owner and the organization. By learning about related practices and skills, you’ll be able to have the right types of conversations to become a better Scrum Master.

Who it’s for: Scrum Masters with at least one year of experience who want to grow their Scrum knowledge and abilities.



Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) explores the critical role of the Product Owner on the Scrum Team. Participants will solidify their knowledge of the Scrum framework and get an introduction to Agile product management throughout the class. You’ll come away with several Product Ownership practices that you can use right away to overcome daily challenges.

Who it’s for: New and beginning Product Managers, and Scrum Masters who want to hone their  Product Management coaching skills.



Professional Product Owner - Advanced (PSPO-A) is an advanced course for Product Owners which focuses on helping experienced practitioners expand their ability to establish a solid vision, validate their hypotheses, and ultimately deliver more value to their stakeholders. You’ll deepen your understanding of the Product Owner role by exploring its various stances.

Who it’s for: Product Owners with at least a year of experience who want to grow their knowledge and abilities.



Professional Agile Leadership Essentials (PAL-E) is a course for Agile leaders who want to learn the ‘why’ behind the Scrum framework so that they can help their teams become high performing Agile teams.  Why do Scrum Team members work on objectives rather than tasks? How do you hold tea members accountable for delivery?  How do you measure success? Learn the answers to these questions and discover other ways that leading in an Agile environment is different from traditional settings. This class will help you best support your Agile team.


Who it’s for: Leaders sponsoring Agile transformations, managers responsible for developing people on Scrum Teams, leaders of one or more Scrum Teams.



Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK) is for those who have Scrum experience and want to understand how to apply Kanban principles for Scrum teams such as limiting work in progress and visualization, and use them within Scrum. Combining Kanban with your Scrum practice doesn’t involve replacing events, accountabilities or artifacts.  It’s about integrating Kanban’s complementary tools to help your Scrum Team achieve better outcomes by improving flow of work.

Who it’s for: Experienced Scrum Masters and Scrum practitioners.



Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS) allows participants to experience how to scale Scrum within the Nexus framework. You’ll learn how to launch, structure, organize, and manage a large Agile project using Scrum through a scaling simulation. Along the way, you’ll get an overview of 50 practices for overcoming common scaling challenges.


Who it’s for: Scrum practitioners interested in how multiple teams can work together to deliver a single product, including Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Developers, Agile coaches, and department managers.



Professional Scrum Facilitation Skills (PSFS) focuses on facilitation skills to help make your meetings more effective. This course discusses what good facilitation looks like and provides you with a toolkit of facilitation approaches which you can use to help teams better solve problems, build consensus, and foster transparency.

Who it’s for: All Scrum Team members (Scrum Masters, Developers, and Product Owners)
Scrum and Agile Coaches and Consultants



Professional Scrum Master and Product Owner is available for private clients only.  This course covers the key aspects of the Professional Scrum Master and Professional Scrum Product Owner courses in a three-day format. 

Who it’s for: All Scrum Team members (Scrum Masters, Developers, and Product Owners)
Scrum and Agile Coaches and Consultants

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