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See your team take flight with expert outside coaching

Make your Agile transformation smoother and more effective by combining the hands-on expertise of a coach with the organizational knowledge of your internal leaders.

Rebel Scrum coaching is practical, focused, and tailored to your organization

Whether your organization is rolling out a transition to Agile or you want to improve the performance of an existing Agile team, customized coaching can have a significant impact. 

New Agile Team Launch

Step One:

We’ll start with a conversation to determine whether Agile is the right fit for your organization’s business problem. We’ll ask you about your goals and your team’s environment. 


Step Two:

Determine how people use your product to solve a specific problem they’re experiencing. Agile methods place the customer at the center of every product.


Step Three:

Together, we’ll identify resources and set guardrails for self-organizing teams.


Step Four:

We’ll customize a training plan for your organization that will include training for leaders, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and Developers.


Step Five:

Allow your team to self-organize into Scrum teams to empower them to fully own the "how" behind how they deliver their work; including how they work together in teams.   


Step Six:

Your Agile team goes live


Step Seven:

We’ll provide ongoing monitoring and guidance to reach stabilization. 

Existing Agile Team

Step One:

Assessment - We will start by interviewing your key executives to determine our goals, following up with Scrum Team members, customers, and stakeholders. I will listen in during your Scrum events.

Step Two:

We will make recommendations and provide a roadmap for how to reach them, including any further support Rebel Scrum can provide.

Step Three:

Based on the roadmap, I’ll provide coaching to enable reaching your goals.


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