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Evidence-Based Management (EBM) Group Training

Evidence-based management is all about recognizing how you measure success. Too many organizations prioritize the wrong things. They focus on the number of tickets closed, the number of features delivered, or other team statistics. They forget to ask whether the closed tickets had the desired impact, and they don’t ask whether the features delivered were used.

The EBM framework connects strategy with measurement. You manage what you measure. Make sure what you measure is what you are trying to accomplish.

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We’ll discuss how measurement impacts behaviors. Participants discuss what success looks like. From there, they decide which metrics measure success and which don’t. 

This class is particularly compelling when individuals in the same organization attend together because they can discuss their organizations' metrics and strategies. EBM profoundly impacts how organizations think about value. Ensure your organization prioritizes customer outcomes above measuring how busy everyone is.

Mary is an excellent teacher who offers an interactive and interesting learning experience "

- Curtis

Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches

Leaders sponsoring Agile transformations.

Managers responsible for developing Scrum team members.

Leaders of one or more Scrum teams.

This class is for
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  • Do you need to know Scrum to take this class?
    Not at all. This class is valuable for those who are completely new to Scrum as well as those who have been using Scrum but have had no formal training.
  • Will I get a certification?
    After participating in the Applying Professional Scrum course, you will receive a free chance to earn the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) certification. This is a globally recognized certification backed by
  • What does the APS certification exam look like?
    The certification exam has 80 questions. Participants have 60 minutes to complete it. There will be a mix of easier and more difficult questions; many will go fast, while some will require additional thought. A passing score of 85% is required to achieve the PSM certification. The exam is online only, so there is no need to go to a testing center. The format for the PSM certification exam is multiple-choice questions and a few True / False questions.
  • What are the prerequisites for taking the Applying Professional Scrum class?
    None. It can be helpful to review the Scrum Guide before taking the class. The Scrum Guide is available at
  • How long is the APS course?
    The APS course from is usually scheduled for two days, each including about eight hours of instruction. Rebel Scrum offers more flexible options, including an opportunity to take the class in four half-days instead of two full days. You may schedule a private course for your organization, or you can sign up for any of our public classes.
  • Can I attend the APS class remotely, or is it only available in person?
    The APS class is available in person and online, allowing participants to choose the format that best suits their needs. Organizations may contact Rebel Scrum to schedule a private course.
  • What is your largest class size capability?
    Need to train a large number of people? No problem! From 5 to 5,000 participants, we can work with you to get you the training you need.

Need to attend EBM as an individual participant? Find upcoming classes on our public class schedule.


Evidence-Based Management

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