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Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK) Group Training

The Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK) course helps your organization improve value delivery and predictability. Scrum teams use the Kanban method to enhance the flow of work within the Sprint. Common Kanban practices include:


  • Visualizing workflow.

  • Limiting work in progress.

  • Monitoring flow metrics, including lead time, Work Item Age, and Cycle Time.

  • Clearly defined policies.

Using the Kanban method, Scrum teams can enhance team policies, improve predictability, and deliver value sooner to the organization. This PSK course includes illuminating exercises to practice new organizational methods. Participants engage in conversations to deepen their understanding of key Scrum and Kanban concepts. ​

Experienced Scrum Masters and Scrum practitioners


Product Owners who want to maximize delivered value

Agile coaches

This class is for:
Team Meeting
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Mary's real-world examples bridged theory and practice effectively.

“I had the privilege of learning from an exceptional instructor, Mary Iqbal. She was super passionate and had a unique talent for simplifying complex concepts. Her dedication to student success created a welcoming and inclusive learning environment where questions were encouraged. Mary's real-world examples bridged theory and practice effectively.” - Paul.

Frequently asked questions

Kanban is the second most popular Agile framework and emphasizes metrics for optimizing the flow of value through a process. Kanban teams also use a visual work-in-progress limited pull system. 

What is Kanban?

Scrum and Kanban can each be used independently. Combine them and benefit from the Scrum collaborative framework and complimentary Kanban method to streamline processes. 

Aren’t Scrum and Kanban two different approaches?

Answer: It is not required. Those new to Scrum can read the Scrum Guide at for free or take the Applying Professional Scrum Course with Rebel Scrum.

Do you need to know Scrum to take this class?

Answer: Scrum is the most popular Agile framework. It’s a framework for Agile project management that helps teams work together. It emphasizes teamwork, accountability, and iterative project progress. For an introductory class about Scrum, I recommend the Applying Professional Scrum course.  Scrum can easily be combined with Kanban practices to improve workflow.

What is Scrum?

The PSK course has no prerequisites. However, reading the Scrum Guide before taking the class can be helpful. The Scrum Guide is available at

What are the prerequisites for taking the PSK course?

Participants will receive a free chance to earn the PSK certification after participating in the PSK course. This globally recognized certification is backed by The certification exam includes 45 questions; participants have 60 minutes to complete it. The exam is delivered online at Questions are multiple-choice and a few true/false questions.

Will participants receive a certification?

The PSK course is typically scheduled for two days, each consisting of approximately eight hours of instruction. Rebel Scrum offers more flexible options, including an opportunity to take the class in four half-days instead of two full days. 

How long is the PSK course? 

If class participants take the PSK exam within 14 days of completing the PSK course and don’t pass, they will get a second try for free. Additional exams may also be purchased as needed.

What if participants do not pass the PSK certification exam?

When should we use Scrum vs. Kanban? When should we implement Kanban practices?

Let the team decide!

Contact me to learn more

There are no ongoing requirements to maintain the PSK certification.

Are there any ongoing requirements to maintain the Professional Scrum with Kanban certification?


Professional Scrum with Kanban

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