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Professional Scrum Master (PSM I) Group Training

The Professional Scrum Master (PSM I) course is a not-to-be-missed experience. You will gain unforgettable insights that will make you a better Scrum Master. Participants learn not only the Scrum framework but also the why behind it. Scrum Masters will also brainstorm ways to improve Agile in their organizations. 

This invaluable experience prepares Scrum Masters to lead positive, impactful change. It’s not just a lecture or an overview of the Scrum framework. The activities in this course provoke meaningful insights to improve Scrum practice.

Beginning or experienced Scrum Masters or anyone who needs a deeper understanding of the Scrum framework

Agile coaches

Managers who need to understand the Scrum Master accountability

Human Resources representatives who need to hire outstanding Scrum Masters

This class is for
Team Meeting
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I am happy I took this course. I am not a project manager, program manager, or scrum master. In fact, I am a novice in this area. The course helped me understand Scrum, its purpose and values. The exam was quite difficult but taking the course helped me succeed. Mary was an AWESOME instructor.”

- Yolanda.

Our instructor Mary was also one of those unique individuals who knows her material intimately and truly loves to share it. This perfectly describes the way Mary lead her Scrum class; endless enthusiasm, educational stories from her years of experience, and the willingness to explore any and all questions.

And to top it all off, I took the certification exam two days after the course and scored a 91.3%.  I look forward to taking another course with Mary soon! #RebelScrumIndeed”


- Robert

Frequently asked questions

Wouldn’t we save money by not having a Scrum Master?

Absolutely not! You cannot save money by accepting inefficient processes. To learn more about the Scrum Master accountability, see our recent article, “The Balance of Power in Scrum.”

Scrum Cycle

The Scrum Master is accountable for improving the adoption of Scrum on their individual Scrum team and within the organization. Scrum Masters can lead new Scrum implementations and help the organization find the best ways to interact with Scrum. To learn more about the Scrum Master accountability, check out our article “A deep dive into the purpose of each Scrum accountability.”

What does the Scrum Master do?


Will participants receive a certification?

After participating in the PSM course, participants will receive a free chance to earn the Professional Scrum Master certification. This globally recognized certification is backed by, the home of Scrum. 

The PSM certification focuses on learning by doing. Fewer lectures and more activities provoke insights into the why behind the Scrum framework.

Which is better: the PSM certification from or the CSM certification from Scrum Alliance?

Scrum demonstration
Professional Scrum
Scrum is too much fun for the office stick figure

The exam includes 80 questions. Participants have 60 minutes to complete it. The test is delivered online at The format for the PSM exam is multiple-choice. If participants in the PSM class take the PSM exam within 14 days of completing the PSM course and do not pass, they will get a second try free. Additional retakes may be purchased if needed. 

What does the PSM certification exam look like?

How long is the PSM course?

The PSM course is usually scheduled for two days, each consisting of approximately eight hours of instruction. Rebel Scrum offers more flexible options, including an opportunity to take the class in four half-days instead of two full days. Contact me to discuss your training needs.


Professional Scrum Master

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