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See your organization take flight with Rebel Scrum

Deciding to implement an agile framework such as Scrum at your organization is a big decision and even bigger undertaking. It’s reassuring to know that organizations that have made the agile transition realize the following benefits:

  • Increased ability to manage changing priorities

  • Faster software delivery

  • Increased team productivity

  • Alignment between business and IT functions

  • Improved software quality

  • Better delivery predictability

  • Improved transparency 

  • Reduced risk

  • Ability to respond to volatile market conditions


Rebel Scrum shares its purpose with, founded by the co-creator of the Scrum framework, Ken Schwaber. The mission-based organization helps people and teams solve complex problems through training and certification. logo

How Rebel Scrum can help

Rebel Scrum has the right combination of professional agile training and real-world experience to guide you through your organization’s agile transformation. Whether you’re just beginning your agile journey or facing implementation challenges along the way, we’re here to make every step a little lighter and in the right direction.   

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Consultation and Audit: Understand where your organization is on the agile spectrum, your goals, and what approach to agile might work best.

Training and Workshops: Bring your organizational leaders up to speed on how agile can transform your organization and develop a tailored training plan for teams.

Coaching: Make your agile transformation smoother and more effective by combining the hands-on expertise of a coach with the organizational knowledge of your internal leaders.