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Incremental Delivery

Custom Group Training:
Incremental Delivery

I have witnessed teams who worked together for years in Scrum and yet did not understand the concept of incremental delivery.  Incremental delivery - like Scrum itself - is easy to understand but hard to master.  Incremental delivery is the idea of delivering small, usable pieces of product more frequently. 


It’s simple and crucially important because many of the benefits of Scrum come from this concept.  In this class, we will walk through different analogies that can be used to explain the concept of incremental delivery to the uninitiated.  But where the rubber hits the road is really applying the theory. 


This class includes activities that will help participants practice creating a Product Backlog that enables incremental delivery.  This course can be given in 2-4 hours and has a minimum class size of five participants.  Available remotely or in person.   

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