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Ken Schwaber was the co-creator of Scrum. He later founded, the home of Scrum, created all the classes below.


Rebel Scrum’s training offers a hands-on, activity-based learning experience. It’s not just a lecture; it’s an experience. Students learn through activities designed to promote insights for approaching complex work. Real-world challenges to help students apply what they learn. Full of tools and tips for success, Rebel Scrum’s course prepares students to be leaders in their space and empowers teams to collaborate to solve complex problems. See our list of available courses below. 

Public Class or Private Group Class: Which is for me?

It’s up to you. Small groups are welcome to attend public or private classes. In a public class, your group would attend one of the scheduled classes listed here. One benefit of a public class is that you can hear the questions that come up from other organizations. 

Private Group Classes for 5+ Attendees:

If you have five or more people who need to be trained, scheduling a group training may be the right choice for you. Benefits of private group training include:


  • Scheduling. We can work together to find a convenient time for you and your team.


  • Private discussions. We can dive into questions that are specific to your organization. 

  • Custom problem-solving activities. Some of the classes revolve around activities geared toward a specific industry. We can customize the activities to be geared toward your industry.


Choose a public course with attendees from multiple organizations, or contact me to schedule a private group training. Either way, I’d love to help you and your team expand your skills, get certifications for your resume, and improve your day job with individual training. 


I offer the following pre-packaged group classes. Find the right class for your group. Click on the classes below to learn more.

Courses we offer

Why is training essential and which training is right for me?

Training helps ensure team members make the most of the Scrum framework. Agile approaches to value delivery are relatively new, and many people have yet to experience being part of a high-performing Agile team. When working as part of an Agile team, team members are empowered to solve problems. They don’t rely solely on leadership to tell them how to deliver their work. Rebel Scrum’s training helps teams learn how to collaborate to deliver value sooner.

Contact Rebel Scrum for a free consultation. We’ll discuss the options to help you select the proper training for your unique situation.

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