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Custom Group Training

Custom Training with Rebel Scrum

Custom trainings are short, targeted training courses to solve particular problems. Choose from our prepackaged, targeted training options below, or contact me to discuss your Scrum concerns. I will work with you to design training for your organization’s unique needs. 

Following are some reasons you might choose a custom training for your group.

You Want to Save Money

One simple reason that you might choose custom training is that you want to save money. Custom training is often shorter and cheaper than other types of Scrum training. Custom trainings are typically 2 to 4 hours, customized for your particular needs. These are not designed to be all-inclusive training that will teach you in-depth how to use each Scrum accountability. Custom Group Trainings solve a specific problem or give you an overview of Scrum.


Maybe you’re not ready to commit to a 2-day class, or you have a particular problem you want to address with targeted training. Custom Training could be the quick-hit training you need.

You’re on the Scrum Fence

Maybe you’re not sure you want to choose Scrum. Are you on the Agile Scrum fence, unsure if you’d like to commit? I’ve designed the course Scrum In A Nutshell for you. In this course, you’ll get an overview of the basics. Scrum in a Nutshell covers the 5 Scrum events, the three accountabilities, and Scrum artifacts. This training will give you the skeletal structure of Scrum without wading too deep into the weeds.

You’re an Executive Overseeing a Scrum Team

My custom course, Leadership in Scrum, helps executives overseeing Scrum Teams to understand what their teams are doing.  Sound like you know what you’re talking about. Leadership In Scrum will help you to use the proper terminology when managing your team. 


Leading a Scrum team is a different experience than other operating structures. Scrum is used in complex environments. Teams don’t always know how long a task will take in complex environments until they begin organizing their work. This is a different way of working than a simple point-and-click team. That doesn’t mean we don’t lead. It means we lead differently. Knowing how your team works gives you the power to make better leadership decisions. 


Scrum teams are empowered to organize their work into sprints. Empowering people doesn’t mean we lose control. Empowering teams is a different way of working in a complex environment. We trust teams and still hold them accountable with Scrum.

Scrum Car
Agile Adoption

You’re Considering an Uncommon Scrum Application

If you are considering using Scrum in an area where it’s not commonly used, like Human Resources, then Custom Group training might be an excellent choice for you. Scrum is a great fit for Human Resources. Scrum works great in a complex environment where things are constantly changing. People are the definition of complex. I’ve seen highly successful Scrum implementations in Human Resources to:


  • Provide visibility to HR leadership. If you’re using Scrum in HR, Scrum helps you to create a centralized list of activities. With Scrum, you can more easily delve into any team’s work their work plan.

  • Create and manage the onboarding checklist. Scrum can help your team create a clear onboarding checklist. Reduce wait time between tasks, avoid duplication of effort, and streamline your onboarding with Scrum. 

  • Manage the flow of interviews.  Interview schedules can be complex and changing.  Using Scrum in Human Resources can help you manage your ever-changing list of upcoming interviews and surrounding support tasks.


Scrum in a Nutshell is an excellent Custom Group Training. Participants discuss how to apply Scrum in their unique environment before committing to a two-day training experience.

We are efficient at knocking out these tickets

Leadership sets organizational strategy, and Scrum teams fulfill that strategy. Leaders who understand how Scrum teams deliver work are better equipped to set reasonable, achievable, time-bound goals. Incremental Delivery helps leaders responsible for strategy understand how Scrum teams deliver work. If you are responsible for team strategy or goals, it’s good to understand how that strategy is being delivered.

Leadership in Scrum would be a powerful experience for executives to take together. Ask all of your questions so that you can lead your team with confidence and authority. Learn enough to be dangerous with Leadership in Scrum. 

my way or the highway

You’re in HR at an Organization Using Scrum

You’re in HR at an organization that uses Scrum but don’t have the time to commit to a long, detailed course about how Scrum Works. I offer several targeted, custom courses to help you get your arms around Scrum without getting bogged down in the weeds.


If you’re hiring for Scrum roles, it’s helpful for you to have an overview understanding of how a Scrum team works so that you can determine the right fit for each role. Scrum in a Nutshell provides an overview of the concepts of Scrum and the critical positions on the team, helping you understand how to write job descriptions and hire the right person for each role. If you are hiring for key positions, Scrum Master in a Nutshell or Product Ownership in Scrum might be the right overview courses for you to understand your team’s roles. When you know how the team works together, you can better determine the right fit for the team environment.

There’s Strife on the Scrum Team

Teams that have already been doing Scrum for a while might need a periodic refresher. If teams are starting to struggle with their roles and are not operating at a high capacity, some of these targeted refresher training can be a good experience for them. Scrum Refresher is a quick overview for a team that may be struggling overall. 


If you mediate personnel issues on Scrum teams, understanding how they’re supposed to work is crucial. See my custom pre-packed courses below, or contact me to design a custom course for your needs.

You Want a Product Owner Intro or a Refresh

My custom course, Product Ownership in Scrum, provides an overview of the Product Owner role and covers the tools to maximize the value of the product backlog. Choosing what the team is working on gives you a lot of power. 


My custom course is meant to be an overview or a refresher, not a detailed training. If you will be fulfilling the Product Owner accountability and are new to the role, I highly recommend taking the group training for Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) or the individual training for Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO). These 2-day class experiences (either group or individual) are an outstanding experience. If you are a Product Owner and only need the basics to get started, my custom Product Ownership in Scrum class may be right for you. But come back and take PSPO at a later time. You’ll be glad you did.


If you are in leadership or Human Resources or would like a bird' s-eye view of Product Owner accountability, my custom Product Ownership in Scrum class may be right for you.


Human Resources

Internal stakeholders who receive the work of Scrum teams, like the operations teams, internal business leaders, divisional VPs

Experienced Scrum teams who have been reorganized