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Learning by Doing Enhances Engagement in Remote Settings

Remote Scrum certification class

Scrum has revolutionized the software development industry. As organizations strive to enhance their agility and deliver high-quality products efficiently, Scrum has become the go-to framework, with almost 9 out of 10 survey respondent's in's annual survey reporting that they use Scrum. (16th Annual State of Agile report) In this context,, one of the leading global providers of Scrum training and certification, has adopted a unique approach to empower teams by offering classes that combine lecture-style teaching with hands-on learning activities. This article explores the reasons behind's choice of this mixed learning approach and highlights its benefits in helping teams understand the "why" behind the Scrum framework while equipping them with practical tools.

Understanding the "Why" Behind Scrum

Scrum is not merely a set of rules or processes to follow blindly. It is a framework rooted in the Agile Manifesto, emphasizing individuals and interactions, working products, customer collaboration, and responding to change. To truly embrace Scrum and apply it effectively, teams need to understand the underlying principles and values that drive its success.

Traditional lecture-style teaching can provide theoretical knowledge, but it often falls short in conveying the rationale behind Scrum's practices and principles. By incorporating activities and hands-on exercises, Rebel Scrum's seasoned instructors bridge this gap, enabling teams to comprehend the "why" behind Scrum. Engaging in interactive exercises and simulations helps participants experience the real-world challenges Scrum addresses and reinforces the understanding of its core concepts.

Experiential Learning for Effective Adoption

Learning by doing has long been recognized as a powerful educational approach. It allows participants to apply theoretical concepts in practical scenarios, facilitating a deeper understanding and retention of knowledge. Our mixed learning approach leverages this concept to enhance the adoption and implementation of Scrum in real-world settings.

By immersing teams in hands-on activities, Rebel Scrum provides a safe space for participants to experiment with Scrum practices and experience the impact of their decisions firsthand. This experiential learning approach encourages active engagement, collaboration, and critical thinking, enabling teams to develop a genuine appreciation for Scrum's effectiveness.

Tools for Practical Application

Our mixed learning approach goes beyond theoretical understanding and experiential learning—it also equips teams with practical tools to apply Scrum successfully. These tools act as a bridge between theory and practice, empowering participants to implement Scrum confidently in their organizations.

Throughout the classes, participants are exposed to various artifacts, techniques, and best practices that supplement the core Scrum framework. By offering these tools alongside hands-on activities, our seasoned team of instructors ensure that teams not only understand the "why" but also gain practical skills to navigate complex projects and overcome obstacles effectively.

Moreover, the learning activities facilitate collaboration among team members, promoting cross-functional understanding and fostering a shared language around Scrum practices. This shared knowledge strengthens the team's ability to communicate, plan, and adapt, leading to improved productivity and overall project success.


Our commitment to blended learning extends to remote environments, acknowledging the effectiveness of the learn by doing approach in engaging remote team members. By incorporating interactive activities, remote learners stay engaged, leading to a deeper understanding of Scrum principles. Moreover, the learn by doing approach facilitates collaboration, strengthens virtual communication skills, and equips remote teams with practical tools tailored to their unique challenges.

As remote work continues to thrive, a mixed learning approach stands as a testament to their dedication to empowering remote teams with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in agile product delivery.

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